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Presently, Yinlun products mainly include five series such as oil coolers, cooling modules, EGR coolers, SCR systems and aluminum die casting parts, all of which are available in more than 3000 types and specifications and mainly applied in cooling of engine oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, air and water used in engines, gearboxes, mechanical hydraulic systems and air conditioning systems. These products are further used in post-treatment of engine exhaust to reduce NOX emission. Our products are applied extensively in such fields as automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, locomotives, wind power generation, generator units, ships, compressors, industry and civil use.

Oil Cooler

Oil coolers, mainly applied in cooling of engine lubricating oil or engine fuel oil, can be classified into stainless steel oil coolers, aluminum oil coolers and copper-tube oil coolers according to the material which is used for making of the oil coolers.
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Cooling Module

Mainly used in integrated cooling of cooling water, hydraulic oil, transmission oil and charge air respectively in automobile cooling systems, hydraulic systems, transmission systems and charge air systems, cooling modules can be classified into commercial vehicle cooling modules, engineering machinery cooling modules, passenger vehicle front-end modules and the cooling modules for other application fields.
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EGRs are mainly used for engine exhaust treatment by reducing exhaust temperature and promoting combustion ratio to reduce NOX emission up to the European car emission level III or higher.
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SCR System

In SCR systems, chemical agents react chemically with NOX so as to reduce NOX emission up to the European emission level IV or above. The main difference between EGR and SCR is that EGR reduces NOX emission physically by means of cyclic utilization while SCR reduces NOX emission chemically through the use of chemical agents. The SCR path can realize more stringent emission level.
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Aluminum Die-casting Part

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